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    Zhong Kui 鍾馗

    Zhong Kui 鍾馗

    Chun Kwei (Zhong Kui) is a well known ghost catcher hero in Chinese mythology often depicted being very ugly with large protruding eyes, a rough bread and wielding a sword. His fierceness alone could destroy any evil spirits. Carrying or displaying a Zhong Kui amulet helps to ward off evil spirits, gives protection, brings academic success and wealth luck.

    According to chinese mythology, Zhong Kui aspired to serve as a court official and took part in the imperial examinations held in the capital city. Despite attaining great academic success and achieving top honours, he was denied the rightful title of “Zhuang Yuan” (top scorer) due to his fierce & scary looks. As a result he committed sucide which was a grave sin condemning him to hell. Yama (the Chinese Hell King) saw great potential in Zhong Kui and made him the King of Ghosts in Hell in charge of capturing & maintaining discipline among the ghosts. 

    Excellent for business owners & best used for protection.

    Type A Icy Blueish Green Jade Jadeite Zhong Kui Pendant - 34.3G 66.2 by 44.5 by 6.6mm
    Type A Icy 2 shades of Green Jade Jadeite Zhong Kui Pendant - 25.55g 58.5 by 38.1 by 5.8mm
    Type A Semi Icy Green Zhong Kui Jade Jadeite Pendant 38.86g 55.6 by 48.5 by 7.3mm
    Type A Black & Gray Jade Jadeite Zhong Kui 钟馗 Pendant - 50.28g 53.6 by 34.9 by 12.4mm
    Type A Black Jade Jadeite Zhong Kui Display - 43.96g 62.6 by 30.3 by 30.8mm
    Type A Huang Fei Jade Jadeite Zhong Kui Pendant 15.59g 45.1 by 29.4 by 7.5mm
    Type A Black Jade Jadeite Zhong Kui Pendant - 32.95g 65.0 by 42.2 by 8.1mm
    Sold Out
    Type A Black Jade Jadeite Zhong Kui 27.91g 53.2 by 37.2 by 7.7mm