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    Singapore Feng Shui Master Services 新加坡风水大师顾问

    Singapore Feng Shui Master Services 新加坡风水大师顾问

    Here at Huangs Jewelry we provide services beyond Jadeite and crystals. We aim to take a step further by integrating fengshui elements into our pieces to elevate one’s life. With that we are delighted to introduce to you Singapore Feng Shui Master Max Liang.

    Master Max Liang started practicing since 2009 and his motto is to improve lives. He aims to aid others improve their health, wealth and love luck. His clients are mainly Corporations and Small-Medium Enterprises, where he managed to help them achieve extraordinary results using the time-tested theories and techniques of Feng Shui and Yi Jing.

    Additionally, he strives to help individuals to understand more about their personal traits. Instead of letting these traits turn into weaknesses, Master Max uses it to aid individuals to progress further in life.

    Consecration aka 开光 Kai Guang of Pendants
    Car Plate Number Reading
    Consecration aka 开光 Kai Guang of Deities Idol Display Pieces
    Telephone Number Selection
    Telephone Number Reading
    Full Numerology Life Path Reading
    Basic Numerology Analysis