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    Sapphires 蓝宝石 Gemstone

    Sapphires 蓝宝石 Gemstone
    • Blue Sapphire brings wealth, blessings and abundance
    • Black Sapphire brings protection and grounding
    • Green Sapphire brings the wisdom of fidelity and integrity
    • Orange or Padparadsha Sapphire brings the wisdom of love & enhances creativity 
    • Pink Sapphire brings love and forgiveness
    • Violet Sapphire brings the wisdom of spiritual awakening
    • White Sapphire - brings clarity to the mind
    • Yellow Sapphire brings focus and determination

    Excellent for just about anyone.

    Natural Blue Sapphire 925 Sliver Ring Size Adjustable - 1.93g 6.9 by 5.0 by 5.1mm
    Rare Clear Quartz with Sapphire inside in 925 Silver Pendant 5.21g 30.1 by 18.0 by 8.2mm
    Natural Blue Sapphires 5.25 carats 11.9 by 9.4 by 5.4mm
    Natural Blue Sapphire 5.45 carats 11.6 by 9.0 by 5.4mm
    Unheated Natural Color Changing Sapphire - 53.57ct 23.18 by 18.94 by 11.69mm
    Natural Blue Sapphire 蓝宝石 (heated) about 13.0ct Ring set in 18k 750 white gold & natural diamonds - 19.42g US Size 9 with NGI Cert
    Natural Faceted Yellow Sapphire 黄宝石 - 3.2cts L7.9 W7.0 D5.8mm
    Natural Faceted Yellow Sapphire 黄宝石 with NGI Cert - 10.62 cts L14.2 W10.1 D7.2mm
    Natural Faceted Blue Sapphire 蓝宝石 - 5.78 cts L10.7 W11.0 D5.9mm