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    Running auctions

    Score amazing items at a fraction of the retail price. With our online auctions, you have the opportunity to bid against other buyers, creating a sense of competition and excitement as you aim to win the auction. So why not give the auction a try and see what treasures you can discover?

    *Auction items are refreshed every week and ends every Monday at 8PM SGT! Do make payment by the Friday of the week or we would have to release your items.

    Type A Jade Jadeite Green with Yellow Patches Bracelet - 66.41g 13.7mm/bead 15 beads
    Type A Green Yellow Jadeite Bracelet 55.29g 12.9mm/bead 15 beads
    Type A Piao Hua Jade Jadeite Bracelet - 78.81g 14.5mm/bead 15 beads
    Type A Light Green Milo Buddha Jade Jadeite Pendant - 17.40g 39.5 by 28.2 by 6.9mm
    Natural Phantom Quartz Dragon Tortoise Display 36.49g 48.7 by 31.0 by 23.4mm
    Type A Black Jade Jadeite Dragon Bracelet - 73.03g 24.8 by 17.7 by 6.9mm/Piece 9 Pieces
    Type A Green Omphacite Jade Jadeite Ruyi - 3.04g 32.0 by 13.9 by 5.6mm
    Type A Oily Green Leaf Jade Jadeite Pendant with 925 Silver Clasp 1.94g 22.7 by 13.7 by 3.2mm
    Type A Lavender Jade Jadeite Ping An Kou - 6.01g  22.7 by 22.7 by 6.2 mm
    Type A Green Jade Jadeite Ping An Kou Pendant with 14k Gold Pendant - 4.90g 18.3 by 18.3 by 6.6mm