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    Qi Lin 麒麟

    Qi Lin 麒麟

    The Chi Lin, Qi Lin or Kei Loon is a heavenly animal from ancient Chinese legends. It has the head of a dragon and the body of a horse symbolizing some of the best qualities of these 2 animals namely drive, competitiveness & determination.

    With the dragon head, the Qi Lin releases “Sheng Qi” believe to attract success, longevity & good fortune. They are very loyal creatures due to the horse traits and with their carp scales it is believed to bring abundance and wealth into your homes & businesses. The afflictions of the annual Three Killings, creator of fights, thefts and lawsuits, can be mitigated by displaying three Chi Lins in affected sectors of the home.

    Excellent for businessmen, career-oriented people and those in the military.

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