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    Ox/Bull 牛

    Ox/Bull 牛

    Ox is a powerful symbol for wealth & luck making them a well loved sign in the 12 chinese zodiac cycle.

    In Feng Shui, the Ox represents a bountiful harvest, windfall, joyful and a good year ahead. For those who speculate in stocks, bitcoins, financial markets an ox is a must have for successful investments. While the bosses and business owners would also need an ox for wealth abundance and successful ventures.

    Excellent for those who do investments & businessmen.

    Rare Carving Type A Blueish Green Jade Jadeite 3 Horned Ox Display 110.97g 82.0 by 50.2 by 28.8mm
    RARE Grand Master Certified Type A Deep Lavender and Green Jade Jadeite Ox Pendant 13.63g 37.1 by 21.1 by 6.2 mm
    Type A Green Jade Jadeite Ox - 143.95g 64.0 by 15.7 by 26.3mm
    Sold Out
    Type A Green Jade Jadeite Ox - 156.17g 62.4 by 17.2 by 28.4mm
    Sold Out
    Type A Old Mine Green Jade Jadeite Ox Head - 40.52g 29.3 by 57.1 by 18.4mm
    Type A Burmese Jade Jadeite Ox - 67.44g 65.1 by 32.6 by 26.0mm
    Type A Burmese Jade Jadeite Bull - 588.53g L115.0 W72.0 D53.0mm
    Type A Black Jade Jadeite Ox Pendant 17.7g 36.3 by 20.2 by 7.1mm
    Rise with the Bull - Type A Burmese Jade Jadeite Bull Feng Shui Pendant