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    Morganite 摩根石

    Morganite 摩根石

    Morganite is a very gentle & romantic pastel-coloured crystal able to evoke a sense of joy, peace, inner strength & reduces stress. It raises self confidence and encourages positive thoughts. It can also help to attract a soul mate plus deepen existing relationships. Morganite is an excellent crystal to heal emotional trauma. 

    Morganite is a great crystal to be worn to meetings with bank managers, accountants, tax officers as it helps to ensure you receive fair treatment. Morganite is suitable for preadolescence who are going through a rebellious stage or facing eating disorders as it is a very supportive crystal and it reduces the pattern of avoidance and escaping from reality.

    Excellent for Lawyers, Businessmen, Teens & people seeking for emotional healing.

    Natural Morganite Crystal Bracelet 44.14g 12.4mm/bead 17 beads
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    Natural Morganite Crystal Bracelet 44.88g 12.5mm/bead 17 beads
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    Natural Morganite Crystal Bracelet 29.12g 10.4mm/bead 19 beads
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    Natural Morganite Crystal Bracelet - 59.19g 13.8mm/bead 16 beads
    Natural Morganite Crystal Bracelet 58.77g 13.9mm/bead 16 beads