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    Monkey God 孫悟空 Singapore Widest Selection

    Monkey God 孫悟空 Singapore Widest Selection

    Monkey King aka Sun Wukong is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under a mountain by the Buddha, he later accompanies the monk Tang Sanzang on a journey to the West (India) where Buddha & his followers reside to retrieve Buddhist sutras.

    He is a skilled fighter known for his 72 Earthly transformations, his powerful weapon - Jing Gu Bang 金箍棒 & his ability to subdue demons. Display his statue directly facing the entrance of your main door to ward off demons, evil spirits and malicious people 小人. Display one on your work desk for protection against troublemakers & petty people. He can also be used for protection against health issues. 

    Excellent for businessmen facing challenges/ obstacles, executives & those seeking protection.

    Type A Spicy Green Jadeite Wu Shi Pai Sun Wu Kong Pendant with 18k Gold Filled Setting - 1.99g 19.8 by 19.8 by 2.0mm
    Type A Yellow & Green Jade Jadeite Sun Wu Kong Powerful Feng Shui Pendant 64.44g 79.6 by 40.2 by 10.8mm
    Type A Lavender Jade Jadeite Sun Wu Kong Pendant 89.2g 72.9g by 39.8 by 21.8mm