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    Fu Lu Shou 福祿壽三星

    Fu Lu Shou 福祿壽三星

    Fu Lu Shou is also known as Three Lucky Immortals / Star Gods is a highly popular symbol to display in homes or offices believed to bring authority, success, fame and fortune. These three star deities each represent a different meaning, Good Fortune (Fu福), Prosperity (Lu禄), and Longevity (Shou寿). They are often depicted carrying many auspicious items such as the imperial scroll, ruyi, ingots, peach & hulu. 

    If you are displaying in your homes make sure they are in front of a solid wall either in the dining or living room by this specific arrangement (Left: Fu, Center: Lu, Right: Shou). If it is in the office it must be placed behind you as a support.

    Excellent for people in high power positions such as government officials or politicians. 

    Natural Nephrite Fu Lu Shou Seal 140.1 by 141.2 by 120.7mm with wooden box 208.9 by 209.6 by 218.4mm
    Type A Lavender, Green & Yellow Jade Jadeite Shou Xing Gong with Wooden Stand 财源滚滚 健康长寿 - 3.93kg Dimensions with Stand: 39 by 25 by 15cm Jade Dimensions: 27 by 15 by 7cm
    Type A Jade Jadeite Fu Lu Shou Display 625g Dimensions with stand 370 by 300 by 150mm Jade without stand 70 by 50 by 50 each
    Type A Blueish Green Fu Lu Shou Jade Jadeite 59.04g 70.6 by 39.8 by 10.0mm
    Type A Red Jade Jadeite Shou Xin Gong 65.44g 51.1 by 38.5 by 17.1mm
    Type A Green Jade Jadeite Fu Lu Shou 59.55g 62.8 by 40.0 by 13.0mm