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    Emerald 祖母绿宝石

    Emerald 祖母绿宝石

    Emerald, one of the most expensive gems and a powerful wood elemental energy because of it’s green colour. Being known as the ‘Stone of successful love’, it opens & heals the heart & allows one to view things positively. 

    It is great in helping to gain clearer vision & clarity to the things and people around which serves as a protection. Promoting balance and known to provide contentment within one. Wearing it helps in providing a calming effect, increases mental acuity & inspires fluent speech at workplaces. 

    Excellent for people seeking new love & people at workplaces

    Natural Green Emerald 925 Sliver Ring Size Adjustable - 1.41g 10.9 by 8.1 by 4.8mm
    Natural Green Emerald Cabochon for Setting - 4.20ct 12.0 by 8.6 by 5.4mm
    Natural Green Emerald Cabochon for Setting - 5.60ct 12.0 by 10.0 by 6.0mm
    Natural Green Emerald Cabochon for Setting - 4.65ct 11.6 by 9.5 by 6.2mm
    Natural Faceted Emerald 祖母绿宝石 - 3.53 cts L11.3 W8.3 D5.1mm
    Natural Faceted Emerald 祖母绿宝石 - 5.78 cts L11.7 W8.4 D7.3mm