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    Bat 蝙蝠

    Bat 蝙蝠

    In Feng Shui, Bat is commonly used as a wealth cure because it has the same word/pronunciation ("Fu/Fook") as Prosperity in Chinese & Cantonese. It also represents happiness and longevity making it a very popular auspicious symbol in the Chinese culture.

    A pair of bats represents Double Happiness and a group of five bats represent 'Five Blessings' (wufu 五福): long life, wealth, health, love of virtue and a peaceful death. While a bat with peaches symbolises a healthy and happy life.

    Excellent for people seeking a prosperous and healthy life. 

    ICY Type A Burmese Jade Jadeite Lavender Bat, Coins & Bamboo Pendant - 34.94g 61.9 by 37.3 by 7.0mm
    Grand Master Type A Green and Yellow Bat and Ruyi Pendant 57.66g 63.8 by 42.6 by 8.3 mm
    Type A Sky Blue Bat Jade Jadeite Pendant 6.7g 28.2 by 20.1 by 8.3 mm
    Type A Black Jade Jadeite Tiger & Bat 19.99g 56.3 by 36.9 by 8.2mm